SPA regulations

  1. The swimming pool is open daily from 8.00 to 21.00, free of charge for hotel guests.
  2. Before entering the spa area and using the equipment, please read these regulations and the instructions for using swimming pool attractions. Each person should follow the rules.
  3. Persons violating the order or the provisions of these regulations will be removed from the facility without the right to return the previously paid fees and additionally charged with the costs of removing the damage resulting from its operation.
  4. It is forbidden to:
    • smoking tobacco and consuming alcoholic beverages or other intoxicants,
    • bring sharp tools, any glass packages and dangerous items,
    • eating food in the entire facility, except in designated areas (restaurant on the first floor, bar),
    • bringing in and staying animals,
    • admission of people whose condition indicates the consumption of alcohol or other intoxicants.
  5. Children may stay in the pool area only under the supervision of their parents or guardians.
  6. jumping into the water and running.
  7. taking care of physiological needs in the Swimming Pool
  8. In the absence of the lifeguard, each person uses the pool at their own risk.
  9. Entry to the pool area only with flip-flops or footwear adapted to it.
  10. Before entering the swimming pool, everyone is required to shower with washing agents.
  11. In the cloakroom, you should leave devices that may be damaged (cells, watches, etc.) and elements with sharp edges that may pose a threat (jewelry).
  12. The area of ​​the swimming pool is constantly monitored.
  13. Other provisions not included in these regulations for using the swimming pool can be found in the regulations of Resort & SPA Biały Dunajec.